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maintaining Heard “invented these storie

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# 08.07.2020 - 11:37:18

“They will show that the sting of the articles
Online Cigarettes Store USA is correct – namely that the [Johnny] beat his wife Amber Heard causing her to suffer significant injury and on occasion leading to her fearing for her life, ” Wass stated, adding they have “witness testimony, medical evidence, photographs, video, audio recordings, digital evidence and Mr. Depp’s own texts” to support that he’s a “wife beater. ”

Wass described Heard as an “intelligent and independent woman” whose “independence and self-determination gave rise to a series of conflicts” with Depp, who wanted to “control Ms. Heard’s Newport Cigarettes Shop social life and career choices. ”

“As a result of her having her own career, disputes between the two increasingly arose where Ms. Heard’s professional life clashed with Mr. Depp’s desire to dominate the relationship, ” Wass alleged. “These conflicts manifested themselves in arguments where Mr. Depp became abusive and aggressively jealous, on occasion falsely accusing Ms. Heard of having sexual relationships with her co-stars. ”

James Franco and Elon Musk are a few of the high-profile men who have been mentioned in the actors’ ongoing legal battles.

Wass made note of the fact Depp was “twice her age” when they Newport box 100s cigarettes started dating and that Heard was only 23 years old and at “the start of her career” when she was cast.

“Matters were not helped by the generational difference between Ms. Heard and Mr. Depp which fueled Mr. Depp’s insecurity. This exacerbated his well-documented dependence and excessive abuse of alcohol and controlled drugs which dated back to Mr. Depp’s time as a young man, ” Wass argued.

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# 26.07.2020 - 16:51:33

Heard of having sexual relationships with her co-stars.

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